Party Mode

In my personal experience, unless you and your friends are dying to do a particular song and therefore have one in mind, the process of choosing a song can be faffy.

A: Let's do that one!
B: I don't really know that one...
A: OK, how about this one?
B: Mmmmmm....
A: What do you want to sing?
B: What've you got?
A: A lot of songs. What do you like?
B: Have you got anything by Anonymous Socks?
A: No. How about The Beatles?
B: I don't really like The Bealtes.
A: Screw you guys. I'm going home.

It is much more fun, in my opinion at least, to play 'Party Mode.' This mode takes place over several rounds, with different modes of play. Players form up to 3 teams (this depends on how many microphones you have set up: 3 microphones=3 teams), and each team can have a number of players. For each round, the game 'calls up' certain players to sing (for this reason, it's advisable to actually name each of the players here, so you don't lose track of who's who), one from each team grabs a mic, and UltraStar will choose a song (either from the entire pool of songs, a playlist, or a chosen folder in the song directory) at random. This narrows down the faff considerably ; if one of the players really protests, then each team is allowed 5 'passes' (or 'jokers') that will force the game to pick a new song; however, only 5 passes are available across all of the rounds, so they need to be used sparingly! At any rate, trying to sing a song you don't know is just… well, hilarious.

Party mode, then, wipes away your inhibitions and gets people going! Before going into more detail with Party Mode, it is worth mentioning 'playlists' at this stage. Whilst it can be amusing to try and sing a song you don't know, it is more preferable to try one you can at least recall the chorus of. It may be a good idea to tailor the pool of songs used to that particular group of people. Playlists can be created by going to the normal song selection screen, finding the songs you want, pressing 'P' on each one, and adding it to a given playlist. It is easier, however, to download a program called UltraStar Manager. This is a great tool for many reasons that I daresay I will come back to in later entries. Using this software, you can drag and drop multiple songs at a time into a playlist. UltraStar Deluxe will recognise it when you next load the program. Failing this method, you can organise your song directory into folders, and you can choose one folder to use in the party mode. In each of the rounds in Party Mode, (2-7), there is the added element of the differing styles of play. The game will assign these modes to each round at random.

Duel mode: Quite simply, the player/team with the highest score at the end of the song wins the round

Team duel (AKA 'pass the mic'): Everyone gets involved, not just the players who are called up for that round. As the players are singing, the game will inform each team whom they must pass the mic onto at given points. The team with the most points at the end of the song wins the round

Blind mode: The notes are not displayed onscreen; again, the person with the highest score at the end of the song wins

Until 5000: A race to 5000 points; the first player to achieve this wins, and the song finishes

Hold the line: There is a bar onscreen with a mark halfway across it. You basically need to keep your singing standard above this mark ; if you falter, and it drops behind, then you automatically lose. The team who manages to keep their line above the mark will win. The song will end when there is only one player left standing.

For each win, a given team is assigned 1 point. The team with the most points at the end of all of the rounds wins the game.