This site provides an unofficial webguide to the open source karaoke games UltraStar and Vocaluxe. This guide could previously be found over at The Bricky Blog, but I decided that the blog format was quite restrictive and the guide could be better accessed with its own dedicated website.

More information about UltraStar can be found on its introductory webpage.

Update: 5th May 2013

Finally starting to make some progress with site updates again - I've created a getting started section for Vocaluxe. Hope to add more soon!

Update: 12th January 2013

A belated happy new year!

A few things to update you on. Firstly, I am going to make a start on some proper Vocaluxe guides - I have to say that I am very impressed with it and will most likely be using this game over UltraStar in future. As a starter, I have written an introduction to Vocaluxe.

Secondly, just under a fortnight ago, the Vocaluxe team released an Alpha build of the game, which features a few different Party Modes. Note that this is not an "official" release of the game and there is no guarantee of the game's stability. However, I've not experienced problems with it!

Finally, it seems that the ChallengeMod version of the game is no longer online, most likely retired to make way for Vocaluxe, which boasts the same features with some major improvements. I will keep my guides that reference the ChallengeMod online for now (as many of you will still have it installed), but newcomers may wish to use Vocaluxe instead.

Update: 28th December 2012

Just been informed by Brunzel (one of the main UltraStar developers) that Vocaluxe does indeed have a search feature - by pressing F3, or ctrl+F, this option will appear on the song selection screen. Many thanks for the heads up Brunzel, and apologies for the error!

I've also just been looking at the Vocaluxe Wiki and this offers a lot of useful information - particularly the controls page.

Update: 21st December 2012

A new version of Vocaluxe is here! I've just had a play around with it and it's pretty damn good. However, it does operate a little differently to UltraStar, so it can take some getting used to.

They've added various features since the latest release, including playlists, a medley mode, webcam functionality, and the ability to control the game with a Wii remote! Now THAT is a great idea - the laptop's usually sat on the floor when we play and I always have to kneel down to operate the game. Unfortunately, I will have to invest in one so a guide on how to set that up will have to wait - shouldn't be too hard though, the README file in the game directory appears to contain instructions.

Things are a little crazy on my end, having left all my Christmas preparations to the last minute, so I won't have chance to put together a "proper" guide just yet. Having fiddled around with the new version, however, I can offer the following condensed tips:

Download the latest version of Vocaluxe here

Update: 16th December 2012

Hope you're enjoying the new site! Remember, you can contact me if something UltraStar-related is leaving you perplexed. I can't promise I can help, but I will try!

I have put together a list of Christmas songs for your enjoyment over the festive period.

Update: 1st October 2012