Error Management

There are a number of common errors that UltraStar throws up. I'd like to think that some of the more well known ones, such as "Player 1 is not assigned to a microphone. Please check your record options" can be solved elsewhere in the guide. Every now and then, however, UltraStar will detect issues with .txt files for no apparent reason. Sometimes this will mean that the game cannot load the song full stop, or the song simply doesn't appear. At other times the more eagle-eyed among you might spot errors with the song that are less obvious, such as the next line appearing before the current one has finished. I will attempt to explain and solve these issues on this page.

"My song isn't appearing on UltraStar"

Ah, many a time has this happened to me, and after tearing my hair out over the problem, it usually turns out that the issue was an obvious one. My guide to .txt files identifies the tags that are essential for the song to work properly, and it is errors with these that are often the cause

Check that:

Using the Error log

If you are looking to troubleshoot your song library, I would recommend loading it in ChallengeMod. When this version of UltraStar encounters errors, it will warn you when there are "defective" songs. Though a lot of the time the game will still play a defective song, problems with this file will still limit the game in some way, i.e. it may not be possible to score the maximum number of points. Sometimes, the errors will stop you from being able to play the song, even if it appears in the UltraStar library.

A file called Error.txt will be produced in the ChallengeMod directory. This identifies the problems with any songs in your collection, and though the main version of UltraStar Deluxe does the same thing, ChallengeMod identifies some types of error that the former does not.

Below is a list of errors that this file will often flag up, and what can be done to rectify them:

I'm sure this isn't a comprehensive list of the errors USDX likes to throw up every so often. Please contact me if you come across others - whether or not you need a solution!