Duet Mode

This mode requires a certain type of .txt file that divides a song into two parts: one for Player 1, and one for Player 2. When this is successfully in place, lyrics that are for Player 1 to sing are displayed at top of the screen, Player 2 at the bottom. For songs that are duets themselves (usually with a male and a female part, though it may also be divided into 'lead' and 'backing'), this mode works very well. The lyrics can overlap each other, so that Players 1 and 2 can sing different things at the same time. Many of the SingStar games contain duet songs, and most of these are available for UltraStar. USDB contains a number of duet songs, and the admins have nicely classed these songs under a specific edition: [DUET] Songs.

There is one particular thing you need to do when you download these files, however. All of Player 1's part is listed at the top of these files, and Player 2's underneath it. All you need to do is place P1 just before the notes start, but after the #tags, as demonstrated below:

#TITLE:A Whole New World (Duet)
MP3:Aladdin - A Whole New World.mp3
#COVER:Aladdin - A Whole New World [CO].jpg
#VIDEO:Aladdin - A Whole New World [VD#0].avi
: 0 7 66 I
: 8 3 64 can
: 12 8 67 show
: 20 3 66 you
: 25 5 62 the
: 31 17 57 world

You also need to tell the game where Player 2's part begins. This is easy to find; scroll down the .txt file, and you'll notice that the numbers on the left are ever increasing (these are the beats into the song - read my guide to .txt files for more info). At some point, these numbers should suddenly revert to something lower. If you know the song well, you should be able to identify player 2's lines, too. In between the high number and the low number, you should add P2, as demonstrated below:

- 1897 1920
: 1940 13 60 You
: 1953 6 58 and
: 1959 12 57 ~
* 1972 109 57 me
: 693 2 66 A
: 697 6 67 whole
: 704 6 71 new
* 711 33 69 world

At some point, this process might not be necessary. For the time being, USDB automatically removes the player differentiation when a .txt is uploaded.

Once you've loaded up UltraStar ChallengeMod, you can edit these songs in the usual way. Whatever you set the #GAP to indicates when the first player will start, usually Player 1. You can press shift + tab to switch to player 2 and ensure that their part fits, too.

Because of the nature of duet songs, I've got two copies of ChallengeMod on my computer (as well as one copy of the normal version): one that links to the normal song directory (for Medley Mode), and one that links purely to a folder of duet songs. That way, if someone fancies doing a duet, I can just load up that version. Duet songs won't appear in Party Mode, anyway, but it makes things a bit more organised. If you've already got some .txt files that you would like to turn into duets, this is easily done. Open the .txt file for the song, and for each of player 1's lines, add P1 above it. For each of player 2's lines, add P2. If you come across a line that both parts sing, add P3 above it.